Birthday: 30-09-1971
Age: 47
Star sign: Libra

Jehangir Surti is an Indian Bollywood director, and his contribution is highly commendable. His movies always receive a lot of appreciation, and his work is tremendous. Jehangir Surti was born on 30th September 1971 in India, and he aspired to be in Bollywood from an early age. After his education, he went to Mumbai to learn more about directing films. Mr. Jehangir worked with much-renowned directors and enhanced his career. He also worked with many famous actors and actresses and showed his dedication and efforts to its best when directing a film. He has directed one movie currently, and it got a lot of recognition from the Indian audience and critics. Also, he's the new director in the industry and currently on a path to directing some great films as he produced in the year 2009.

He worked as an assistant director under some remarkable directors to gain and enhance his experience in directing movies. In 2009 he directed his debut motion picture called ' Aa Dekhen Zara' which has been held in high regard by audiences and critics. Before his debut movie, he worked under much-renowned director and has been a part of many outstanding films. He received a lot of experience and knowledge from there, and that motivated him to become a movie director. 'Aa Dekhen Zara' was released on 27th March 2009. It was directed by Jehangir Surti and produced by Viki Rajani. It is the Sci-fi thriller movie and, actors starred in this were Bipasha Basu, Ashwin Nayak, Rahul Dev, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Sophie Choudry, Rajan Korgaonkar, and Bobby Vatsa.

The screenplay and story was written by Sheershak Anand and Shantanu Ray Chhibber. The motion picture was made under the banner of Next Gen Films. The film's budget was Rs. 52.5 Crores and the response from the critics and the audience was average. The plot revolves around a photographer named Ray Acharya, and how things were not going according to plan. One day he finds his grandfather's camera that predicts the future whenever someone clicked a photo from it. Then Ray's life went upside down. Some people were after him to get the camera from him, and he's trying to save it. Mr. Jehangir Surti is an amazing director in the Bollywood Industry, and people love his work.