Birthday: 03-06-1978
Age: 40
Star sign: Cancer

Nisha Pahuja is a Candian Filmmaker. She was born on 3rd June 1978 in New Delhi, India. Then her family moved to Toronto, Canada. She graduated from the University of Toronto in B.A, English Language and Literature. During her university years, she wanted to become a writer. While doing a documentary for her research in University she developed interest towards the films. Nisha started her career working with John Walker and Ali Kazimi, the Canadian filmmakers, as a researcher. She mainly concentrated on the real life subjects.

Further, she started working independently; her films on various real topics have been praised in Canada as well as North America which gave her the international platform. Instead of entering into Bollywood, she has been on the path of making documentaries, her preferred way. Nisha’s film got the recognition with the support of the fundraiser; she received the funds for her documentary through Kickstarter fund, an online fundraiser website.

Her documentaries are ‘Bollywood Bound’ (2002), ‘Diamond Road’ (2007) and ‘ The World Before Her’ (2012). Nisha is a member of Bellagio Center, a part of Rockefeller Foundation. This foundation organizes various initiates and conferences to promote the well-being of humanity; the events are hosted by the policy makers and scholar individual. The foundation has taken initiatives for Green Revolution and the Global AIDS Vaccine. Nisha’s films are mostly based on such topics regarding the benefit for humanity.


Farah Khan
Vinil Mathew
Pushpdeep Bhardhwaj
Vivek Sharma
Vikram Rai
Barnali Ray Shukla