Birthday: 1976


Rajshree was born on 1976, in Kolkata India. She did her schoolings in Bangalore. Later she moved to New York to complete her graduation in Computer Science. She completed her Film Making graduation in New York City after finishing her computer Science Graduation. She completed her Master in movie making in the year 2002 from the Film Institute of America. As a part of her Diploma Project during her studies, she directed the cinema named Badger. That movie won the Outstanding Direction award from the American Film Institute.

The Asian Voice honored her with an Award of Director's Glide of America. In 2005, she came back to India. Her first work is Chaurahen. The concept of the movie is the combination of four short stories by the most prominent novelist Nirmal Verma from Hindi. The concept of the play includes four stories.

One of the conception is that couple worrying about their lost son. Another story revolves around the Ancestral home memories of a Young man. The entire concept of the story is about the everyday life of humans. The prime theme is about forgiving and love. The direction for the movie began on 2002. The talkie was produced by RajaShree as the producer left last minute of the production. The overall budget of the flick was around one point eighty crores. The picture was dropped several times due to financial shortage. The plan of the picture was made in 2002, it floored in the year 2005, and completed in the year 2007. The play released in the year 2012 by PVR Pictures. The photoplay received appreciation for its story.

Although the movie is officially her first movie, Aisha is her first on-screen cinema. The show was delivered on 2009.The story was based on the novel Emma by Jane Austen. The screenplay for the talkie is by Devika Bhagat. In the year 2010, the talkie distributed worldwide. It received mixed responses from the audience. She later gave a speech about the play saying that the entire movie's final cut was shaped by Anil Kapoor As she had no idea about the feature ending. Her next work is the play X: Past is Present. The show consists of a combination of eight directors. Her role for the cinematic is Briyani. The Concept about the segment is the Splitting of a couple on their Anniversary.



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