Sekhar Suri

Other names of Sekhar Suri: Shekkhar Suri

Predominantly known for his work as an Indian film director for Telugu films, Sekhar Suri also called as Shekkar Suri, but originally his name is SS Chandra Sekhar and who received a huge response for A Film By Aravind. He has directed four Telugu films and also a Hindi film till now. The specialty about this 35 years old man’s work is that all his films have an element of thrill for which an aspect of audience waits eagerly. He currently resides in Hyderabad and spent his early life there but he was born in Andhra Pradesh.

He stopped pursuing his degree in commerce as the dream of becoming a film maker was being dominant at that point of time in his life. His family and his elder brother were the people who supported his thoughts of becoming either a cinematographer or a director. Finally, they all reached out to a conclusion that being a director is worthy. And he changed his name because he thought his previous original name was quite common for the industry. Later he went Mumbai for availing the opportunities in Bollywood and then he worked for a suspense TV program for about eight years as a ghost writer.

Meanwhile time he realized that grabbing opportunities in Hindi film industry have been quite difficult for him. So he moved back to work for the Telugu film industry. Considering Tarun to be his miracle for life as he met him at an event with his friend but it turned out to be that main drifting point of his life as after this he got the opportunity to meet the main casts of great films in the industry and thus he directed Adrushtam with his magic man which still didn’t receive a good response though. Secondly, he stepped with Guns of Benares in Bollywood and later, he directed great movies like Three in 2008, Aravind 2 in 2013 which starred Kamal Kamaraju and Srinivas Avasarala as main members.

When Suri was asked about the long gap that he took for a while, he replied further that he was waiting for an excellent opportunity with a big star whose name he didn’t mention; but he said that his waiting time became a trash of his life because he worked on a magical script himself for about six months dedicatedly and still it didn’t get into action. Though now he feels that this whole process was a part of his learning. In an interview, he mentioned that he used to watch TV series a lot in his childhood days and God Father was one of his favorites. He says Govind Nihlani’s Tamas made the most impact on his mind. Clearly, he mentioned his mind theme for thrillers as he quoted that after AFBA as a suspense thriller, he made Three as a psychological thriller and further he is going to produce an action thriller.