Director, story-writer & visual-effects supervisor, Shailesh Nile is one of the most talented minds Indian cinema has had the fortune of witnessing. He has been recently roped in to handle the technical aspects of various Bollywood films such as Joan Sandeep’s bilingual masterpiece ‘The Journey’, due to his expertise in VFX technology. With notable works such as ‘21 survival 12’ & ‘Krishna Ki Murli’, Nile has been able to showcase his directorial prowess deftly garnering acclaim from fans all around the country. Visual & concept head in ‘Veer Baji Prabhu Deshpande’, the youngster has been a key player in bringing many Marathi shows to life on the small screen.

Born in the 1980s in Maharashtra, he displayed a love for cinema & graphics since his childhood. He has been known to call technicians from Hollywood for a lot of his films, to generate a visual spectacle, boasting amongst the best effects Marathi cinema has seen today. Whenever the Marathi industry intended to bring back the golden era back on the big screen, Nile was who they turned to, & the director never disappointed. The majority of his films are cast in the limelight primarily because of their budget & their extravagant use of special effects. His parents imbibed values of his culture, managing to portray their essence in the right form.

Hence, ever since he was a child, Shailesh was a huge fan of Marathi literature, idolizing warriors he grew learning about all his life. So when he opted for the profession he currently pursues, it was his innate desire to highlight the lives of role models & fighters who had long since faded past the lines in history. Till date, he has been able to do so with a reasonable amount of success, since he has gained a huge fan following, particularly among the Marathas. Almost all his movies have been produced under the banner of Sunshine films, with both sides managing to forge a strong bond over the past few years of their association.

Known to use a heavy dosage of 3D VFX in several of his movies, he has been in collaboration with foreign specialists such as Andrew Hodgen & Sebastian Lepine from Los Angeles, who have worked for his studios from the start. The majority of his associates have worked in high-class Hollywood blockbusters such as ‘300’, ‘Harry Potter’, etc. With many movies lined on the way, 2017 will prove to be a crucial year for the director, as fans of his will be waiting in anticipation to see if his future ventures will lie up to the hype that he has already created. Casting youngsters in his movies, his works have given a much-needed boost to the otherwise failing careers of several actors. All in all, Shailesh Nile is here to conquer the Marathi domain as we know it, & will not settle unless he can do so.