Shivam Nair was born in Jharkhand, India. He is a very popular Director and has given many hits to the industry. People know him popularly for his film Ahista Ahista starring Abhay Deol and Sona Ali Khan. He is also the director of many television shows as well. He has worked a lot and served the industry for many years. He has worked very hard to achieve what he wanted.

Shivam studied in Kerela till 5th standard and then he moved to Palamau with her family. When he was in school at that time he decided that he wants to become a Director. He started his career in the television industry in the year 1982 and he has done a lot of popular television series. He did a docudrama with Sriram Raghavan named Raman Raghav, A City, A Killer, which was about serial killing.

Raman Raghav, A City, A Killer was an all-time favorite of the audience, In this Raghav go for spree killing and there are many cases in which homeless people were brutally harmed. In Raman Raghav, A City, A Killer Shivam Nair was the Assistant of Sriram Raghavan. Shivam Nair was also the Director of three docudramas named Auto Shankar, Feroz Daruwalla and Ranga Billa all these were the amazing directions of Shivam Nair.

Shivam Nair has also done the editing of his three directorial named Ranga Billa, Auto Shankar and Feroz Daruwalla and all these three docudramas are also on serial killers and murders. After completing his education he decided to move to Mumbai for a career in the film industry.

Shivam Nair’s first feature film was Ahista Ahista as a Director and this was a script written by Imtiaz Ali. Ahista Ahista is an amazing film which teaches us that life is way beyond boyfriends and marriage rather there is a lot more to explore in life, this film is a real incident.

After staying in Mumbai for a very long time Shivam got a chance to assist Sawan Kumar in the film ‘Souten’ but after three days he left because he was unable to adopt the industry and the working pattern.

He then got an opportunity and he worked as an Assistant Director in the Bhojpuri Film named Konkani and this film won the Best Feature Film Award. He also did Marathi and Gujarati serials. Shivam is a great Director and he has contributed a lot to the industry.