Acting started out as a mere interest to this young lad when he was in 7th standard. He was very particular about acting, so he joined a college which had a drama club. Hailing from Ahmedabad in Gujarat, Vasant Narkar did his schooling in Gujarati, although his family was formerly from Maharashtra. His parents were Dattatrey Narkar and Sulochna Narkar. With strong roots in drama and acting, he became an Indian film and documentary writer. Vasant was in the Gujarati film industry for thirty years proving his mettle in acting, directing and production. His first film in Hindi was ‘3 November’ which released in 2016. It was a murder mystery. Upon questioning the reason for the strange movie name, Vasant Narkar replied that he didn't have any other name for a suspense thriller since all catchy, mystery-inducing names had been taken by other movies.

The cast was roped in from popular TV shows and series. ‘3 November’ had Kabir Khan, Saheem Khan and Minakshi Bhagat to name a few among the main cast. It had been produced by Pritesh Joshi under the M.K Media Pvt Ltd banner. Vasant was also excited about having to write a movie in Hindi after directing Gujarati flicks continuously. He made two movies in Gujarati out of which one was called ‘The Lady Dabang,’ which starred a Gujarati actress Hemangini Kaj. The film is said to have lots of action scenes in it. It is a heroine-centric movie. When asked about the movie, Vasant said that a lot of movies are hero-centric movies. So, he decided to try something different and directed a heroine-centric movie instead. It released in 2014.

The other Gujarati movies he directed were ‘Shiv Vivha,’ ‘Odhani,’ ‘Boss Pappu Paas Thai Gayo’ and ‘Dikro Maro Vahal No Varasdar.’ Vasant Narkar’s ‘Odhani’ had created quite a bit of noise before its release. People awaited its dramatic action sequence which bore a striking similarity to any of the South Indian successful action movie. ‘Odhani’ had powerful dialogues and action scenes, it increased the excitement of the Gujarati locals upon the release of its official trailer. His endless list of works includes TV series written and directed by him like ‘Kaki No 1,’ ‘Umber,’ ‘Vahali Baa’ and ‘Sambandho Sagar Paar Na.’ His net worth is believed to be roughly around seven million dollars. His stage plays include ‘Vikruti,’ ‘Chhinna - Bhinna,’ ‘Kheta to Kahevai Gayu,’ ‘ Take It Easy,’ ‘Love Ma LBW,’ ‘Dikra De Taali.’


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