Dj Ravish


DJ Ravish, better known as Ravi Sharma, was born in a small district called Nowgong in Assam on August 3. He lived in Jaipur and is one of the best DJs in India. He has performed in over 35 cities around the world, including Kathmandu, Dubai, Moscow and many more.

DJ Ravish was always captivated by the music industry and collected all sorts of tunes in his teens. After completing high school, he got a chance to play at a friend's party. He soon began his journey at the age of fifteen by playing private gigs. He had a passion for electro-fusion and started learning and craving for the bigger and better. He then took to professional Disc Jockeying at the age of seventeen and performed across high-quality parties in India. His tunes were groovy and peppy. He belonged to the category of people who live, eat and die on music rather than just listening to it. Music is his life.

Ravish always desired to compose music. Therefore, he entered the world of mixing. He started making simple pieces at the beginning and soon produced Bollywood grooves. Well-known figures from the industry sang his praises and appreciated his tunes. He continued to mashup and remix club bangs and soon entered the world of professional music production. His hard work paid off and he scaled new heights. He not only plays his tunes well but, also organizes a great party with thumping beats. He maintains a combination of house and Bollywood music, ensuring no feet on the dance floor stops.

Ravish delivers the best quality of music. He became the apple of every music lover's eye. He made his way by mixing tracks and making them even better. He always wanted to make his way beyond the skies, into the stars. His moving, dancing, and grooving make his fans come back for more. He has become Jaipur's most respectable person. His energetic Bollywood remixes play over Cricket events, clubs, Private parties, fashion shows, College Fests and many other places.  He made his own brand that blows the minds of people. He has produced for more than a decade now.

DJ Ravish has also performed at IPL ceremonies, ODI matches, after parties, and more. He has done many fashion shows including Chennai International Fashion week, Bangalore Fashion week and more. Many websites have voted him amongst the top “Ten Bollywood DJs in India”. He has traveled extensively to Dubai, Nepal, Moscow and many places to play his music. Colleges like AMITY, Bits Pilani, MNITs have invited him for their Fests. He is the only DJ from the state of Rajasthan to enter MTV's regional rounds and the Burn Ultimate DJ Championship. He won the Ear of DJs held in Jaipur for five successive years.

Ravish's remixes and mix sets air on various Indian as well as International FM Radio Stations. He is on the way to become the most famous DJ our country has seen.



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