Birthday: 01-01-1950
Age: 69
Star sign: Aquarius

Indori was born on 1st January 1950 and is one of the most praised Urdu writer and Bollywood rhymesters. Former to this he was a researcher of Urdu poetry at Indore Academia. Rahat Indori is very well known amid his billions of fans internationally for his poetic braininess and a nod style of interpreting ash'aars. Dr. Rahat Indori was born to father Rafatullah Qureshi, a fabric mill worker, and his wife and his mother, Maqbool Un Nisa Begum. He was their fourth kid. He did his teaching at Nutan School Indore from where he completed his higher studies. He accomplished his graduation from Indore from Islamia Karimia College, in 1973. He has passed his MA in Urdu writing from Bhopal from Barkatullah University (Madhya Pradesh) in 1975.

Evenly competent in writing style and verse, Rahat was presented a Ph.D. in Urdu poetry from the Bhoj Academy of Madhya Pradesh. Dr. Rahat Indori is uninterruptedly operating in Kavi Sammelan from last 40 to 45 Years. He has toured globally to narrate poetry. He has joined poetic conferences in almost all the Regions of India and has also voyaged hundreds of times to UK, Canada, Mauritius, KSA, Kuwait, Pakistan, Nepal, etc. Rahat Indori, the famed poet, came to unite with the poetic writer Mahakumbh, passionately much-admired the program. He said that in the present round, journalists and broadsheets can see tales of tahajib and prose too. This ingenuity of Amar Ujala is praiseworthy for poetry.

On the query of strong big trying the country, he said he was born in this country, and it has been seventy years since then.But as far as to know the meaning of intolerance he does not have any idea about it and does not even want to know. During this time, he said on movie songs that are in the picture and have no ideals in the word; then they are nothing more than a fitter. He said that he had disremembered Mumbai as a wish; the conditions of the state were there to reappear. He said that poesy is being shaped and played from ancient times in the republic. Through poems, efforts are made to fill the opening between life and demise in life. In this era of social sites, there should be an exertion to keep the innovation of the poems. Poetry mustaffectcivilization. The society does not manipulate poetry. Poets should keep in mind about their construction and their works. Poetry should confuse current problems.