Feroz Khan aka, Firoz Khan has an adventurous persona which appeals to ladies. This 27-year old fun loving actor loves Swan-upping, cycling, bungee jumping, and wants to take the entire industry by storm. He lives in Mumbai and is a singer too. He has sung 'Tune Mera Dil' and 'Douguna Dougna' which he uploaded on YouTube. Earlier, he worked for UTV Bindaas and Channel V shows. He was born in Dehradun on 25 October 1989.

He has been a contestant in Big-Boss 10 which was anchored by actor Salman Khan. The show put an ordinary man like Feroz Khan in the house, and it would have been extremely difficult for this contestant, especially with no form of communication. He is the adventurous person who loves the outdoors, so he had the fear of getting stuck in a house for an extended period. Also, he is used to a fast-paced lifestyle. He hustles to get every job he gets beating out hundreds of other men in the process. The contestant knows he is sexy and is not afraid to use the tag to get ahead.

But in Big Boss-10 he was fresh and calm often. He is a crazy, down for new experience and his life motto is that in any TV show contest, he has to play hard, work hard and make it all the way to final and make the most of the situation. This sexy gentleman entered Indian’s ‘Digital Superstar’ and took the entire country by storm. His thin voice appealed to all. That is the reason; he has become a singer. After participating in the show ‘ India’s Digital Superstar,’ he even bagged Rs 20 Lakhs contract from the leading producers and distributors of TV serials. One can easily title him as India’s First Digital Superstar.