Akbar Khan is the younger son of Feroz Khan and Sanjay Khan (also known as Abbas Khan), who are well-known personalities in the media as filmmakers. Akbar is a director, screenplay writer, actor, and a producer. He made his debut in the 1974 film ‘Anjan Rahain’ where Feroz Khan played the lead. He was also an assistant director under well-known personalities.

He also assisted his brother Feroz in ‘Apradh’. He then made his directorial debut with ‘Haadsa’ where he played the protagonist himself. After doing multiple films as an actor, he was a cast in a movie under Sanjay Khan’s direction, ‘Kala Dhanda Gorey Log’. His debut on television was Sanjay Khan’s TV series, ‘ The Sword of Tipu Sultan’, of which Akbar directed 20 episodes.

This TV series is considered to be the most appreciated TV show based on history. His next TV show was a cult classic, ‘ Akbar The Great’, where he was the director, producer, and the lead. After the India-Pakistan conflict of 1965, Akbar’s ‘Taj Mahal-An Eternal Love Story’ was the first movie to make it to Pakistani cinema.

It was immensely appreciated in the entire international platform though it didn’t do that well in India. Akbar also went to Pakistan with his family for the movie promotion. He plans to re-release the movie in India because many people couldn’t recognize it. ‘Taj Mahal’ was the biggest budget movie of its time in 2005, worth 60 crores. He played the cast in 2011 Vashu Bhagnani’s venture ‘ FALTU’ and the lead in ‘Faraar’. He is married to Maryam Akbar, who is a jewellery designer and has two kids with her, Aliya and Abraiz. He lives in Juhu near to his brother Feroz’s place.