I S Johar

Other names of I S Johar: Inderjeet Singh Johar
Birthday: 16-02-1920
Date of death: 10-03-1984
Star sign: Pisces
In the ranked list of the best stand up comedians in the Indian cinema, first and foremost of all the people agree that I S Johar’s dialogue delivery is the best among some funny comedians, but beyond that, he had different styles that approached different types of subject matter. Sometimes, he would be a cop, a detective or even a police man. Such roles were very convincing for I S Johar.

I S Johar is a multi-faceted personality, who established himself as an actor, producer, director, but since he worked in B-grade films, he could not achieve much success. He has been involved in Indian cinema since 50’s, but got popular during 60’s and 70’s. During his career, he acted almost in 35 films and was famous for comedy dialogues. 

What separated him other comedians of his time was, that he was a comedian actor, who interacted with the audience and cracked jokes spontaneously with the dialogues given to him. This came out with a well-written script of funny one liners which we had seen in the Film “Johny Mera Naamm”, where he played triple characters with three different names. 

I S Johar also wrote scripts, which were gems in the film industry such as Afsana, Nastik and Mr India. He also wrote and directed the film, and had a supporting role in Nastik; the film was hit for the soulful music and performance of Ajit and beautiful Nalini Jaywant. His favourite actors were Kumkum, Geeta Bali and Feroze Khan.

He was born in Pakistan, but post-partition, he came to Mumbai in search of acting. He acted even in Punjabi films, His wife and his son too were seen acting in a couple of films that were directed by him. He did not have successful marriage and had married four times. He acted with many Bollywood greatest actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Dev Anand, Rajesh Khanna and Dharmendra. He was highly qualified and had a law degree even. He passed away in March 10,1984.


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