Kamal Tewari is a Bollywood actor and has been in the industry since a long, long time. He is married to the renowned costume designer and actress, Dolly Ahluwalia. Dolly is a Sangeet Natak Akademi Award winner of 2001. Kamal had the start of his acting career in the year 1956 with the movie Justice. Kamal played roles in hit films like Jab We Met and Omkara. Jab We Met is a movie about a sad lover who meets a cheerful girl who changes his life. Later, he falls in love with her, and her love is the reason for him transforming into a happy man again. The movie was a directorial venture by Imtiaz Ali and was released in the year 2007. Omkara was about how a man’s trust in his wife stumbles when his trusted lieutenant leads him to think differently.

Kamal Tewari plays the role of an advocate named Raghunath Mishra. Omkara was rated on a high scale of 8.2 on IMDB. Kamal played the role of the Mukhiya of the village in the movie, The Blue Umbrella. It revolves around a little girl Biniya and the unbreakable bond with her blue umbrella, which she received from a tourist. The umbrella goes missing one day, and the suspect is the shopkeeper who had an eye for the umbrella. Kamal Tewari has also worked with his wife in Omkara, the Blue Umbrella and Train to Pakistan (movie made in 1998 and directed by Pamela Rooks). While Tewari was amongst the actors, Dolly Ahluwalia was the costume designer for both the movies. He has been parts of popular and hit movies, playing important roles. Other than the movies mentioned already, he was a part of Ek Noor and Murder Unveiled (which was a TV movie).



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