Birthday: 07-01-1988
Age: 31
Star sign: Aquarius

Mohit Madan is an upcoming Bollywood actor. Born in Delhi, on January 7th, 1988, he is 29 years old now. He is famous for his role in the movie Love Exchange. Mohit started his acting career in 2015. Before joining the world of glitz and glamor, he attained his graduation degree from the University of Auckland, located onthe North Island of New Zealand. He decided to give his luck a try and pursue a career in Bollywood as an actor.Mohit claims that he always felt that he was cut out for being an actor and he enjoyed entertaining people right from a young age. In the movie Love Exchange, which incidentally happened to be his debut film, he played the role of a typical Maharashtrian boy. He put in an immense amount of effort to play his character and even went through speech and diction training so that his character seems authentic.

His role required him to be playing out in an elegant manner, and he had particularly sober costumes to wear. It gave him the boy next door look. The heartthrob successfully managed to pull off acting in the romantic comedy that even won him an ovation from the film industry. He even won the award for being the most promising debutant in the Male category for the movie. It was a befitting response to the fact that the young lad spent time with a Maharashtrian family to deeply understand their traditions and culture. He is a versatile actor and can dance very well. He has a vibrant energy and a fresh face, which makes him even more appealing to the audience. His chocolate-boy looks havemany girls becoming his crazy fans. He is charming and confident.

Mohit feels immensely inspired by Amitabh Bachchan and has been very vocal about wanting to work with the superstar. He also has immense respect for Shahrukh Khan and relates with him owing to the fact that neither of the actors had a film-oriented background when they started their profession. He is slated to act in Aksar 2, the follow-up movie of the 2006 hit Aksar. The director of this thriller film is Anant Mahadevan, and Mohit will be seen sharing the screen with Gautam Rode and Zareen Khan. Zareen has been very appreciative of Mohit’s professionalism, his dedication towards performing, and his acting skills. He currently resides in Mumbai. Mohit believes he will grow as an actor and develop even more skills by acting in even more projects that are all lined up but not officially declared as of yet.