Birthday: 02-05-1947
Age: 72
Star sign: Gemini

Prashanta Nanda is a politician and an Indian actor. He is famous for his acting in Odisha and a famous Oriya actor. He was born on 2 May in 1947 in Odisha in India. He worked as many artists in the film industry. She worked as an actor, lyricist, singer, director and also a screenwriter. And he was also a famous politician as he worked as a Minister of Odisha state.

He worked for the political party Biju Janata Dal. He was married to Anupama Nanda. He made his first debut film with the film Nua Bou in the year 1962. He portrayed a lead role for the film Naiyaa; that was a Hindi film that was directed by him. The film was released in the year 1979. His famous movie Janta Bhoot was also released in 2009.

He was a senior leader in BJP and a vice president for the state of Odisha. He also resigned from the membership in the year 2007 in the month of August. After this, he was offered to join the party of NCP in Odisha and later was offered, and he joined and became a member of the political party Biju Janta Dal.

He got great name and fame for his first movie and was also awarded as the National Film in 1962. His another film Jianta Bhoota also won the National Award for the best environmental film. He also won a Bioscope award in 2005 for his acting. Recently he also indulged himself in many charitable works. He joined many other celebrities for the TeachAIDS fund in 2013.

It was one of the best approaches and groups for the prevention of AIDS which was developed by Stanford alumni. He directed more than 20 movies and acted in around six films. He also worked as music director for the film Ghar Sansar in the year 1993.