Roopesh Kumar was a well-known character actor famous in the Bollywood film industry from 1965-1995. He was mainly known for his negative roles as a villain, and has performed in more than 100 Bollywood movies.Mumtaz, the leading star female actress of 1970s is the cousin of the great actor. He has also played a role of a comic artist in numerous moveis, but he will always be remembered for his amazingly played roles as a villain. His original name is Abbas Farashahi. He was born on 16th January 1946 in Mumbai.

He was the eldest son of Ali Asgar Farashahi and Mariam who was popularly known as the Asgar Seth of Pune City. Roopesh completed his schooling from Dastur School in Pune. He was also known as Dadash, which meant brother in the Persian language. Though his family was in the bakery and restaurant business in Pune but he was ambitious become an actor from childhood, The most famous role as a villain was in his blockbuster film ‘Seetha Aur Geetha.’

His first movie was ‘ Tarzan and King Kong’ in 1965. After this film, he went on playing numerous supporting rolesin various films, generally as a villain in the 1970s and 1980s. Healso directed and produced two super hit movies 'Meri Aan' in 1993 and 'Hai Meri Jaan' in 1991. The last movie he did was Paapi Devta in 1995. He spent entirely three decades in the film scene. He also played the role of a rapist in some movies like Joshiley, with lead actress, Hema Malini.

Roopesh has shown his tremendous acting skills in many known movies like 'Andaaz', 'Seetha Aur Geetha', ' Loafer', 'Red Rose', 'Rampur Ka Laxman', 'Pyar Jhukta Nahin', 'Sharaafat', 'Chacha Bhateeja', 'Sapno ka Saudagar' and 'The Great Gambler'. 'His last movie, 'Meri Aan', starred Sanjay Dutt as the lead actor. Roopesh and Mumtaz worked together in many movies of which some famous ones are ' Naagin', 'Tarzan' and 'King Kong', 'Dharkan', 'Tarazu' and many more. In spite of being a small time actor, he has shared the screen space with the most of the leading film stars of the industry.

Though he could not achieve great success in directing and producing films but surely, he was an amazingly talented actor of his time. Roopesh was attending the screen awards 1995 when he got a heart attack. Though he was admitted to the hospital, he could not survive the attack.