Sahil Shroff

Other names of Sahil Shroff: Saahil Shroff
    ‘Sahil Shroff’ is a model as well as an actor who hails from India. His family origins are from a Sindhi, but he has grown up in Australia. When considering his educational background, Sahil Shroff has studied ‘Management’ and his masters are in Information Technology. Sahil is also said to have had a job as a nightclub bouncer in Australia before moving to Mumbai. 

     In Mumbai, he started modelling as a full-time job once he was noticed by several people who were involved in modelling due to his attractive appearance and clothes which he wore. His first film was a Hindi film named ‘Don 2: The King is Back’. He also became most popular by becoming a contestant of a reality television competition which was named as ‘The Amazing Race Asia’ season1 between 2006 to 2007. 

In addition to this, Sahil has also completed several TV commercials as well, which consist of HCL Enterprise, then ‘Tata Indica’ and furthermore in ‘Lux’ as well as in Cadbury's Eclairs. His Bollywood debut was made in acting in a sequel to the film Don which was produced by Farhan Akhtar. This film was a major success as the box office earned an income of US$7.7 million for the opening weekend shows only.