Vijayendra Ghatge is an Indian television and film actor, who hails from the royal family of Holkars from Indore. Maharaja Tukojirao III was Ghatge’s grandfather. He is also related to the Kagal and Maratha clans from Kolhapur and Indore.

Vijayendra Ghatge set foot in the cinema world with Basu Chaterjee’s directorial venture “ Chitchor” in 1976. The film produced by Rajshri Productions proved to be a success at the Box Office, and was also nominated for Filmfare Awards in the categories of the Best Film and Best Direction. Later on, Ghatge featured in brief roles in movies such as “Agar…If,” “Anpad,” “Kasme Vaade,” and “Sunayana.” The 80s saw Vijayendra in films such as “Prem Rog,” “ Satte Pe Satta,” “ Razia Sultan,” “Hanste Khelte,” “Shahenshah,” “Tridev,” and “Pournami Raavil 3D.” In 1985, Ghatge started his television career with Singhasan Battisi produced by Doordarshan, and later on, featured in various serials such as Sheesha, Katha Sagar, Buniyaad, and Vikram Aur Betaal. The role of Lala Brijbhaan in Buniyaad would catapult Ghatge into television stardom, and consequently turn him into a well-known Indian household name. He also featured in films such as Lekin, Khel, Damini, Khsatriya, Anth, and Guddu in the 90s. Deewangee, Jhankaar Beats, Devdas, Garv: Pide & Honour, Marigold, and Aazaan constitute some of his other films of the millennium decade.

Vijayendra was earlier married to Nikii Waalia, but divorced her in the 1980s. Another tragedy struck the Ghatge family with the death of Vijayendra’s sister Sunanda in the 1984 who died as a result of bombing in  an Air India flight.


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