Vikram Chopra

Other names of Vikram Chopra: Vikram Chopra
Birthday: 09-06
Star sign:


Vikram Chopra, fondly called as Vicky Chopra, was born on June 9th. Vikram is a homebound actor, director, and a scriptwriter. The Director of the blockbuster 3 Idiots, Vidhu Vinod Chopra, is his uncle. So here we know where the film direction trait came into him. He has worked in many of the Bollywood movies such as Bad din, Mission Kashmir, Sangharsh, Kareem, and Kasoor. He has been in many of the television series too, namely, Bheja Fry, Samandar, Ajeeb Dastan, A mouth full of Sky, Khushi, and X-Zone. He made his debut as a director in the film the Fight Club: Members only, starring 4 actors. Vikram is presently working on a motion picture entitled the Season’s Greetings. Chopra is the chairperson of the famous Vikram Chopra Productions.

Vikram has always been very particular during his selection for the protagonists, the screenplay, the styles and the set design. Vikram’s approach to his cast has always been pleasant which in turn helps him to create a camaraderie amid the crew. This versatile personality has found his way to triumph by utter diligence, benedictions, and his awe-inspiring smile. Separately from all the potentials this mastermind has, he is extremely responsible and can work effectively, whether the work is small or big. He has never discriminated work and people on any base.