Antara Biswas

Other names of Antara Biswas: Mona Lisa
Antara Biswas was born on 21st October, 1976 in Patna, India. She has been popularly known as Mona Lisa by the circle of Indian film industry. This is acquired out of her accreditation. It had indeed made a splendid response for her acting and she made it to be one of the sexiest actresses. She acted in many languages including Hindi. In particular, she had acted in about fifty Bojpuri movies. This is a huge credential for the consistently growing actress. 

She made a big expectation for her and whenever she acts in a film, it is evident that it would be the most awaited one. Antara Biswas acted in Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Kannada and Oriya movies. This took her popularity to multiple film industries. This is definitely a huge pride for any actress and she made it absolutely deserving of her. She was born to a Bengali based family of Hindu religion. She pursued a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in English in the Kolkata University. 

Before venturing into the Bollywood movies, Antara Biswas acted in a lot of B category movies. After she acted in the Bollywood movies, she switched over to the Tollywood film world wherein which her debut movie was Tauba Tauba. The Jackpot was her first Kannada movie, which became an immense hit. In the year 2003, she acted in a Bangladesh based movie made in Bengali language by Montazur Rahman Akbar. 

As far as her movies are concerned, she acted most likely in the movie based upon Bhojpuri movies. This made an impact in the very industry which had a huge demand and offers for the actress. The versatile phase of the actress could be the fact that she got cast in the most number of movies in multiple languages. She flared as a queen in doing the female lead role and she kept up her fame thoughout so much so that she gained a lot of attention as an actress.