Bijal Batavia is one of the most talented artists from India known for her amazing works in television and film. She is well-known by the most of the television viewers in India for her role as ‘Rimi’ in the hit Indian television show, ‘’ in the popular channel, SAB TV.

She is also very popular for appearing in several movies including an international film titled ‘A.O.D’ made by film maker, Anshuman Rawat, and was released in the year, 2003. Her role in this film was well appreciated and this had acted as a catalyst in her career which led to Bijal being offered multiple roles in television and film. She is one of the most well-known actors known to have come from Eastern India.

Bijal Batavia was born into a family from the eastern state of West Bengal in India. Bijal was interested in acting from a very young age itself. She was an active film enthusiast and was into modelling at a young age. After completing her higher secondary education, Bijal enrolled herself in the university where she completed her college graduation. After college, Bijal was more into acting and modelling.

Bijal starred in the movie, ‘A.O.D’ in the year 2003 alongside actors such as Tom Alter and ‘Nitin’. She was cast in this movie to play the role of the character, ‘Rashmi’ while her co stars, Nitin and Tom played the roles of characters, ‘Anshu’ and that of ‘Sanjeev Sarkar’ respectively.

In the year 2007, she appeared in the movie, ‘ It’s Breaking News’ a crime drama by Vishal Inamdar. She appeared in this movie by playing the role of the character, ‘Shefali’ who was an employ of the Dateline TV. She appeared alongside other actors such as Vinay Apte, Sharad Bhutadiya, and Harsh Chhaya, etc. She appeared in ‘’ from 2009 to 2010 alongside actors like Smriti Irani and Dolly Bindra etc.



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