Hinal Bambhania is an actress and singer of Malayalam industry of Indian cinema. Hinal was born in the Gujarat state of India and is an only child to her parents. Her parents recognized Hinal’s talent for singing at a young age and enrolled her in Malhar Sangeet Vidyalaya for Vocal training for the same. Hinal proved her parents right and went on to do many live shows. Even in school and college, Hinal played an active part in the school and college competitions in the field of singing and won various prizes. She also went on to perform at various functions like inter college fest, annual days, etc. She was also a regular of Church choir.

Hinal was a regular at all singing related shows, functions, performances, etc. With winning so many prizes and recognition at both school and college level, she did not stop at that and took up photography as a hobby and ventured into the acting field. She made her foray into acting with Hindi television serials like “Code Red- Talaash” and “KumkumBhagya”. Currently, Hinal is getting ready to debut in the film industry with a Malayalam Film named “Parchai”, which in English means shadow.

The film Parchai is a directorial and writing project of Majid Yasin and is of investigation thriller genre. It also stared stars like Thanusree, Rajesh Hebbar, Kailash and Hareesh Peradi, Mahima, Rajesh Rajan, etc.The film is based on the mysterious murder of a woman who is a singer and dancer in the bars of Mumbai.

During the investigation inquiry, Police Officer Rekha Nair discovers some interesting facts through a Pen Drive that she receives. In an interview, Hinal confirmed that the movie is indeed based on the ban on Bars in Mumbai in 2004. It deals with how the bar dancers and singers had to struggle and relocate themselves to earn their livelihood. Hinal portrays a beautiful woman who shifts base to Kochi after the ban. But later in the movie, her gender deception is discovered, and she faces many hurdles due to this.

Other actresses that play a major role in the film are Tanusree Ghosh, a Bengali actress and Neelathamara (of Kailash movie). Hinal considers it a challenging and thrilling experience to portray both a man and a woman in this movie. Apart from being a prominent part of “Parchai”, Hinal is also seen in another movie titled “ Inspector Dawood Ibrahim” based on the story of an honest cop by the same name. The film stars Jayasurya in the main role of Dawood Ibrahim, an honest cop who hails from a prominent wealthy family.

This is a directorial debut of actor turned director Sajid Yahiya. He as an actor has acted in films like Banglore Days, Double Barrel, etc. Hinal will also be seen in a Hindi movie named “YehHai India” where she plays a cameo.


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