Kaashvi Kanchan is a Hindi actress who has done one Bollywood film. She was a part of a movie called Aahinsa- The untold story released on 13th June 2014 and directed by Yusuf Ali Khan. The film produced by Imad Habib and Naresh Rane under the Down to Earth Entertainment Pvt Ltd. Aahinsa was her debut movie and it released in the year 2014. Also, the other characters started are Nafe Khan, Neetu Wadhwa, Kaashvi Kanchan, Anup Shukla and much more. The story revolves around the major theme as a subject of cow slaughtering and how the girl tries to stop people from doing that. The girl with time duration changed a man and his thinking about this issue. Though the film received negative comments from the critics and the Indian audience, on the other hand they appreciated bringing the issue to light and how the actors in the movie beautifully acted and performed their character very well. Ms. Kaashvi Kanchan received stardom after doing this film full-time, and people loved how she acted, and did justice to her character.

After that, she started getting many offer from the casting director and producers. Kaashvi Kanchan also received many modeling assignments and she did many of them. She appeared in a clothing line cover page for Cotstyle but afterward doing some modeling assignments she clearly, told everyone that she is interested in focusing on Bollywood films only. Now she is currently focusing on her career as a Bollywood Actress.