Mumtaz Sorcar (Pratiti Sorcar) is a Bengali Indian actress of films. She is youngest daughter magician PC Sorcar Junior. Being a boxer and sports lover, she chose an alternative medium and emerged as an actress. Although she signed a couple of films in Kolkata, she got noticed for her debut telefilms or feature films which were based on the story written by Rabindranath Tagore and Sunil Gangopadhyay. Her prominent role includes a film ‘Musalmanir Golpo’, based on Tagore's short story by the same name that was directed by Pranab Choudhury.

In this film, she played the role of Kamala and was highly noticed. In 2011, she got an opportunity to act in TV series titled ‘Kolkatar Jongole and Rajbari Rahasya’ based on Sunil Gangopadhyay’s novel Kakababu. It is strange that she chose many author-backed roles to pitch her career. Being a feminist, she accepted the most controversial film ‘Kanchenjunga Express; which was a suspense thriller revolving the life of Nandini, played by her. The film revolved how she got married to wrong men three times and how she faced them and later died under mysterious circumstances. After her success in Bengali cinema, where she has a few projects in her hand still, she has bagged a Bollywood project. Mumtaz Sorcar will be seen in an upcoming 2015 Indian crime thriller film’ Raees’ which is Shah Rukh Khan’s home production.

In this film, she has a small role to play, but since ‘Raees’ has Shah Rukh Khan in the film, the actress has a hope for her future Bollywood projects. Being a boxer, she is thrilled to get a chance in a Tamil film, which is awaiting release in December 201. Mumtaz is playing a leading role in ' Irudhi Suttru', an upcoming bi-lingual sports drama film which has R Madhavan in a lead role. She is a classical jazz performer, judo expert, and also a trained boxer.