Natanya Singh, who is also known as Netanya Singh, is an Indian actress who works in Hindi as well as Kannada languages. If we talk about boll wood, then she has worked in film fun2ssh and tum. In fun2ssh she got the role of first princess who fall in love with a guy helped the two guys came from 21st century in 10th century to escape from the prison and then she returned with those guys back to the 21st century and at the end her father in the film took her back to her correct place that is 10 the century. Tum: A Dangerous Obsession: - Netanya Singh as Isha Malhotra. She was the girlfriend of the photographer Jatin in that film.

She worked in many Telugu movies such as; - Surya, Kutumba, Shiva Shankar, Chamkaisi Chindi Udasi, Budhivanta.


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