Neha Kapdi is an actress in the Indian film industry. She is also a superb and talented dancer with her own company in Vienna, Austria. The actress hailed from Mumbai, Maharashtra and started training as a dancer from an early age of eight years. She is a trained Kathak classical dancer and took training in the dance form of Bharatnatyam and other Indian folk dances. She is associated with various international oranizations to promote Indian dance forms at western platforms. She started teaching Indian dances in Vienna in the year 1996. She also taught at Balakairali in association with Dance and Languages in the year 2001.

She collaborated with studio Chiftetelli in 2007 and worked with them to promote Indian dance forms. With teaching, she took workshops in Austria, mainly in Bad Ischl and Schaumburg on the different nuances of the art form. She was part of the annual Sale-Orient festival and the Theatre Azkent performances. Neha spread the Indian dance forms through her workshops and occasional performances on the streets of Austria. She made sure that the legendry art is not forgotten in the foreign city. With more than five years of teaching experience, she opened up her academy with the tagline of Dance course with Neha Kapdi. Kathak, Bharatnatyam, regional folk dances and many other dance forms are taught by her.

With an over the top career in the Dance industry, Neha took advantage of her acting talent and did the movie Kesariya Balam in the year 2010. Sandeep Kumar directed the film. It had the star cast of Neeraj Sandeep and Barbara Wilder. It was released in Austria and got the title of the best film in the non-commercial film category in Landsmeisterchaft Wein in the year 2011. It received the best actress award for this film also. The songs got choreographed by Neha, and she also played a prominent character in the movie. The other film done by her was Austrian movie Servus Ishq. It took place under the direction of Sandeep Kumar in the year 2014. Neha played the character of Seema in the film. It starred Sandeep, Victoria, Nogueria, Joe to edtling, and Barbara Zegles. It was the romantic story of Maya and Jay who fell in deep love with each other and then face the consequences after they realized about their troubled lives and havoc already going on in them. It was also an Austria based movie.