Birthday: 12-02-1991
Age: 28
Star sign: Pisces

Reecha Sinha is an actor in the Indian film industry. She is very hard-working, dedicated and committed towards her goals. The actor was born on 12th, February 1991 and hailed from Hazaribagh in the state of Jharkhand. She got a lot of publicity through the television commercial of ‘No Scars’ where she played one the ambassador for the beauty brand. She did versatile work in the industry and made a name all by herself.Reecha always believed in her work and went through a lot of struggle to reach at the designated position, but she never lost hope in her expedition and achieved her desired goals in time. She is the real inspiration for the upcoming generation and truly haddreamer’s eyes as she never let go of her dreams and worked day and night to turn them into reality.

She featured in the film ‘ChalPichuurBanateHain’ in the year 2012. It got directed by PiyushChakraborty and had the star cast of Rahul Tandon,BhavnaPuuperali, Sandeep Sachdeva,Sheikh Arif, Ergol Peter, SmitaHai, and Dinesh Pandey in the leads. She played the character of Sadhna in the film. The movie had a social theme and showed the problem of the Indian cinematic world, full of plagiarism and unoriginality of content. The lack of new ideas and fabrication of unrealistic stores was the highlighted idea in the film. Her other movie got released in the year 2014 with the name ‘MeinuEkLadkiChahiye. It starred IrfaanRaza Khan, RaghubirYadav, PuruChibber, and Peecha Sinha in the star cast.AbhishekBindal directed the movie. She played the character of Deepa in the film.

It revolved around the story of a man alleged for rape and his journey to get those charges dropped. With her various work in the different sector of the Indian entertainment industry, Reecha got the real fame through the blockbuster film ‘DongriKa Raja’ in the year 2016. It got directed by Hadi Ali Abrar and had the star cast of Ronit Roy, AshmitPatel, AshwiniKalsekar, Sachin Sharma, Gulshan Pandey, Saddam Husain Khan, GashmeerMahajani, and Sunny Leone in the leads. It had the storyline of a love story budding between a simple girl and the don of Dongri. The film had a unique concept and received good reviews by the audience and from the critics. She played the character of Shruti in the project.