Birthday: 23-04
Star sign:

Reem Kadem, an actress and screenwriter, was born on the 23rd of April, and hence, shares her birthday with the world famous writer and dramatist, William Shakespeare. Even though her parents were born and raised in the city of Baghdad in Iraq, Ms. Reem was born in America. She started moving towards her career right from the age of 14 when she started practicing for theaters. Reem has had the opportunity to study along with legends like Alfred Molina, an English-American actor known for his performance in films like Riders of the Lost Ark, Chocolate, etc. He was also a BAFTA and Emmy Award nominee. She also studied with the American television as well as theater actor, Jack Stehlin, the Oscar Award winner as well as ‘Million Dollar Baby’ actor, Bobby Moresco, and also versatile actors such as Sean Penn, known for his movie ‘Mystic River’, Meg Ryan, who is well known for her lead role in ‘When Harry Met Sally’, as well as the actor, Mark Ruffalo.

Lately, Reem Kadem was chosen by the director of the film ‘ Boulevard’, Mr. Dito Montiel, to play the part of Nadia, an important supporting character in the movie, ‘ Man Down’, a 2015 release. The lead roles of Natalie Drummer and Gabriel Drummer were portrayed through the actress, Kate Mara, and the American actor and performance artist, known for his performance in the film ‘Transformers’, Shia LaBeouf.

Reem is not only a Hollywood actor, but also an award-winning scriptwriter.

She is the first ever Iraqi-American to get a chance in Indian cinemas. Reem was shortlisted and selected for a role in the bilingual movie by the Malayalam film director, Renjith Lal, which was called ‘Nawal Enna Jewel’ or ‘ Nawal The Jewel’. Ms. Kadam will be seen playing the main character of Nawal, a half Malayali and half Iranian. Her mother’s role is being played by the beautiful Malayalam actress, Shweta Menon.


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