Birthday: 10-12-1934
Age: 84
Star sign: Capricorn

Renu Saikia was born as Renu Borbora, on 10 December 1934, to a well-reputed family in Sripuria, Tinsukia, Assam. She had ten siblings; one of them, Golap Chandra Borbora, was a member of the Parliament and the Chief Minister of Assam in 1978. She began acting at a tender age of 18. Her first stage play venture was “Joymoti”, and later went on to play lead roles in many more stage plays. In 1956, she married Samaren Saikia, actor, writer and director, with whom she later did a lot of stage plays. She had one son and two daughters from their marriage. 

Renu was a well reputed and a profuse actress in Assamese films. She later went on to become an eminent actress. She appeared in three famous movies that brought her a lot of fame. Famous hits like “Maniram Dewan” (1963), “Dr. Bezbaruah” and “Ratanlal” in the 1970’s not only got her fame but made her critically acclaimed in the eyes of the aspiring directors. She also worked extensively in stage plays. Some of her noteworthy roles were in stage plays named “ Kalyani”, “Taxi Driver” “Joymoti” “Nimila Angko”. One of the most famous play acts was “ Rajpath” which paved a way for her in Assamese cinema. “Rajpath” was a stage act that was a turning point in her career. “Rajpath” was a home production that was produced by her husband, as a contribution towards Assam’s biggest drama festival, held in Guwahati. She also acted in a Hindi play directed by Humeshwar Barua, and a Bengali play “Nicher Mohol”.

Renu was known as “ Lalita Pawar” of Assamese cinema after her stupendous role in Dr. Bezbaruah. Recently she had been suffering from various illnesses. She died on 17th November 2011, in Tinsukia, where she was staying with her family in her last days on Earth.

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