Sakina Samo is not only an actress but also a director and producer. She is so beautiful that at very early age, she decided to expose herself to a big screen. She decided to play roles in daily dramas in Pakistan. A drama named as Dewarain, which is a social drama made her popular among the masses. It brings consciousness among the people who indulged in honor killings. She has received a lot of nominations for the same. This was her first actress nominations. This made her one of the best leading actresses in London and Pakistan. She wants to teach some lessons to the society. Besides being a leading actress, she continued in her social, critic dramas which influence the major society of the people.

After 2000, she decided to move to big screen where she can produce and direct the movies. Those were at the same level of critics and commercial acclaim. She had recently directed with the collaboration of Pakistani directors and of course, those were all award-winning movies. She is one of the top actresses in the industry. She took the hearts of millions of Pakistanis and the people who were living in abroad. She was born in Karachi, and the hustle-bustle life of Karachi has least affected her social critics. Later on, she developed a passion for helping the public. So, she decided to make movies which tell the truth about life. She has also made many serials which made her more popular with people. After her first debut Dewarain, she decided to make only these type of movies which will criticize today's generations and teach them lessons. She did her roles so passionately that the viewers were bound to believe the truth, and this was her motive, to create general awareness.