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Yamini Singh is an Indian actress who is known for the movie ‘Tarpan: The Absolution’ which released in October 1995. K. Bikram Singh wrote and directed it. She played the role of ‘Sabitri’ in the movie, which was a supporting role. The movie was a horror and thriller based on a boy called ‘Jovan’ living in Rajasthan. Even though the story and the script of the movie, ‘Tarpan: The Absolution’, was gained a lot of praise from the critics, it did moderately well at the box office. 

This movie gave her recognition as an actress, and she became a popular name in the Bollywood industry. However ‘Tarpan: The Absolution’ was her first and the last movie. She was not seen in any other movies after this one. She has acted in soap operas and making appearances in reality TV shows since then. In July, she inaugurated the Mother’s Day Celebration unveiling the ‘ Super Mom’ Contest. Her short and special appearances are enough to make events special. Currently, she is playing a role in a TV serial called ‘ Hari Mirchi Lal Mirchi’ which airs on Doordarshan. It is a comedy show. She will replace Sarita to grab the opportunity to play the role of Rinku’s mother. ‘Rinku’ is the main character of ‘Hari Mirchi Lal Mirchi’. She is known for her amiable and cooperative nature.

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