Shernaz Italia is a Delhi-based producer who has worked with her partner Freny Khodaiji, and both have created numerous documentaries for BBC and discovery channel since 1985. There have produced famous documentaries like “Time watch” and “Around the world in 80 days”.

Ms. Italia and Mr. Khodaiji were the line producers for the 2002 hit “ Monsoon Wedding” and worked under famous Hollywood director Mira Nair who came to prominence with ‘Salaam Bombay.' The film ‘Monsoon Wedding’ focused on traditional Punjabi wedding in Delhi.

It was considered as the best romantic film of the 21st century. This movie won Golden Lion at the Venice Film festival, and Mira Nair was second Indian director after Satyajit Ray to receive the honor.

She was also the production consultant for the famous feature by Mira Nair “ The Reluctant Fundamentalist”. Mira Nair directed this movie based on the 2007 novel, ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist’ written by Mohsin Hamid. The film won many accolades and was a success at the box office too.

Also, Shernaz Italia has worked with many TV series documentaries such as 'True Originals,' 'Going Tribal,' 'Imagine,' 'Going Tribal,' and 'Time Watch.' She also worked for a TV movie documentary like 'Expedition India'.

For this TV movie, she was the production co-coordinator. For a TV series documentary ' Wide Angle,' Shernaz Italia worked as a production coordinator for episodes like 'The Dying Fields,' 'Back To School 2' and Time For school' which fetched her honor. Her notable documentary includes 'The Last Dalai Lama' and The Reluctant Fundamentalist'. She worked for Mira Nair's movie ' The Namesake' which released in 2007.

As an online producer, her work nature included looking after production manager, wardrobe and costume management for movie Gandhi, location management personnel ( 'A History of Britain,' 'Middle Sexes : Redefining He and She')

Her notable film work included for Richard Attenborough's movie 'Gandhi' which won Oscar. She worked in the movie as a wardrobe assistant. Her other prominent movies include Mira Nair’s flicks ‘The Namesake,' ‘ The Monsoon Wedding’ and 'The Reluctant Fundamentalist' etc.

Shernaz was a producer for a movie ‘Migration.' The film is directed by Mira Nair; it had a screenplay by Zoya Akhtar. Mira Nair was also the executive producer of the movie. Ami Boghani was the associated producer and Freny Khodaiji was another co-producer of the movie. The film released in March 2008.


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