Vivek Rangachari is an investment banker who set up the production house DAR Motion Pictures in the year 2009. It was a part of the group headed by his brother, Arun Rangachari– DAR Capital Group. Arun heads the group from Dubai. Vivek Rangchari completed his Master’s degree in Business Applications from INSEAD which is situated in France and worked in the Middle East for a short period. Following this, he moved to Mumbai and raised a fund of 50 million dollars which was invested in media space. Vivek started DAR as a mini studio with an aim to develop new audiences in the mainstream cinema which is also commercially viable.

He has produced thirteen films so far including Mickey Virus, D-day, The Lunchbox, Peddlers, and Ugly. Vivek Rangachari is the Business Head of DAR investments. He is also the Commissioning Producer at the DAR Capital Group. He has an experience of over ten years in the Middle East and also across India. Using his knowledge efficiently, he has credited multiple financial innovations. Before starting to work at DAR Production House, he used to work at the Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) as a Senior System Analyst.

He has also served as an Investment Analyst at the Abu Dhabi Investment House. Vivek has been previously involved in a dangerous controversy. While DAR Motion Pictures was planning to make a flick based on ‘The Bikini Murders' which was supposed to be based on the life of Johnson Thhat, a serial killer named Charles Sobhraj threatened Vivek as he thought the movie was based on his life. Whereas this wasn’t the case, the movie was based on the book ‘The Bikini Murders’ which was written by Farrukh Dhondy. However, Vivek said that he wasn’t afraid of the allegation as the book is already written and he has the rights of the book. Vivek doesn't want to keep his production company limited to Hindi cinema.

He already makes Marathi movies and is now planning on venturing into the Tamil film industry. He also plans on making one Hollywood movie every year. Till date, the most popular movie under the production of Vivek Rangachari has been ‘The Lunchbox’. The movie with Imran Khan, Nimrat Kaur and actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui as leads did good business at the box office and was appreciated by the critics for its fresh story and simplistic approach towards cine