Laila Khan is a contemporary Pakistani singer. She was born on June 14, 1997, in Peshawar, Pakistan. She is an advocate of Pashto Music in Pakistan and has earned fame for singing and performing fusion songs in Arabic, English, French, Pashto, and Urdu languages. Khan started her career in the year 2013. Most of the songs she sings are in the Pashto language. What truly defines the leitmotifs of her compositions were the Urdu and Arabic poetry and the majority of her works were still under Latoon Productions (owned by Fawad Khan).

She first recorded the song, Za Laila Yama, and till then, she has recorded several songs up to the present. Some of her most popular songs in 2015 include Dheere Dheere Se Meri Zindagi May Aana and Khabara Da Pakhtu Da. Khan has also worked in Pollywood or the Pashto film industry. She was one of those who sang Laiq Zada Laiq’s Amann; a song dedicated for those who lost their lives in the Peshawar School Massacre in 2014. She associated with Fawad Khan for the completion of her Pashto album, which she dedicates to the Army Public School Peshawar students and also to those who are affected by the Peshawar School Massacre.

Two songs from that album were already released. In 2016, Khan was chosen to become Pakistan’s representative to perform in international concerts, held in Tunisia, Africa, together with the renowned singers around the world. She stated that her objective in joining the concert was to promote peace in places that were critically hit by the militant insurgency, which started years ago. This 2017, she is up for the release of her latest album entitled Ishqa, which includes Pashto songs.