Neeraj Shridhar is a singer(Indian), Bollywood music director born in Jalandhar. He is also a songwriter and lyricist. Neeraj married Nikila Shridhar and had two children. He used to be a lead singer in the rock band Bombay Vikings. It is a pop group that combines classical music and Indian music. Neeraj himself started it in the year 1994. The group received fame for the unusual combination of the indo-classic music. They became famous after releasing the remix of songs like "Chod Do Aanchal," "Woh Chali," "Kya Soorath Hai." Even in the Overseas, Vikings gained a huge number of fans. It is the first group to produce music in the mix of two languages Hindi and English which is also called as 'Hinglish.' Neeraj came up with this idea and started composing melodious songs.

He always enjoyed both western and classical songs, hence, producing a combination of these songs blended well. The group performed in many cities in Europe. They mainly concentrated on playing English songs with Shridhar adding a bit of Indian classical music. After a few years, some members of the band separated and went on their respective paths. Still, Neeraj chose to form the band with the remaining members. After this, he performed in India. In the present day, he is a well-known singer and Director in Bollywood. His first song in the Hindi film industry is "Tujhe Dekha" from the movie ' God Tussi Great Ho' with Salman and Priyanka in the lead roles. The film is released in the year 2006. In the same year, the songs released are "Halke Halke" and "Bhagam Bhaag" which received a huge applause from the audience.

After these songs, Neeraj's fame increased in Bollywood, and he contributed various hit songs in the industry. The songs "Hare Ram Hare Ram," "Hey Baby," "Ticket To Hollywood" by Shridhar are nominated for the awards of Filmfare. He worked with almost all the top music Directors from Hindi film industry. He also worked in the composition of the theme song of the popular show 'Khatron Ke Khiladi.' Neeraj sang the song "Om Namaste Bolo" in Telugu. After working in Bollywood for a few years, Neeraj stepped down his pace to concentrate on his own album. He performed at Hans Raj College on the event of college festival "Confluence" in February 2011. In the following years, he performed at various places such as Hyderabad, Pune. He was nominated for three awards in the year 2008.