Birthday: 1992

Nikita fell in love with Chennai. While pursuing dentistry, her friends advised her to look for opportunities and competitions in the music industry. She soon decided to join KM Music Conservatory (KMMC), to do a short course. KMMC is established by the Oscar winner A.R. Rahman in 2008. He is the head principal their while Fathima Rafiq is the Executive Director. She met Rahman when she was one of the choir members in an Indo-German exchange orchestra. A.R. Rahman was impressed by her and auditioned her for his upcoming project Qyuki in 2015 with Shekhar Kapur.

She heard that an IIT was hosting an event Saarang. She decided to take the opportunity and performed there. She won many prizes which gave her the courage to take a step ahead. Nikita soon started devoting all her evenings to music. She would attend classes in the morning and study during any free time should manage. Nikita is a big fan of Usha Uthup and Rekha Bhardwaj. Her first break came from a Bengali album in 2012 called Kotha. Kotha is a new version of Kazi Nazrul Islam's songs.

She recorded the song in Chennai rather than Kolkata. She wanted people from Chennai to listen to them as they weren't quite familiar with the poet and his work. Nikita's actual journey began with the song Modern Kalyanam. It is a Tamil song from the adult comedy movie Kalyana Samayal Saadham. She sang alongside Megha Harini. She worked in her private studio and sung a few more regional songs. Soon she got an offer for Ladio in 2014. Ladio is a song in Shankar's movie, where she had to record the song in Tamil, Telegu as well as Hindi. A.R. Rahman is the composer of the song. Ladio brought her into the limelight. Nikita was nervous while recording the song, but Rahman was experienced with beginners and made her feel comfortable. He never acted around like a celebrity which gave the singers a confidence.

The Language was the biggest problem for Nikita. She took four hours to write and translate the song in Hindi and record it. The song demanded high scale notes, and she lived up to it even with her low-pitched and husky voice. Her work got critical acclaim, and she got the start she needed. She made her band consisting of 5 members. They together performed gigs in Kerala and Kolkata. Performing live gave her fame. She sang Beautiful Zindagi a Telugu song, in 2015. She sang Tamil songs Theera Ulaa and Oh Oh, the first one composed by Rahman again. Her last song is prologue-The Infinite light. It is an Arabic song by Rahman sir again. She continues to sing and entertain us.