Sarwar Khan is a sensational singing artist from Rajasthan, India. He was born in Barna village, Jaisalmer. Sarwar's father, who has a deep passion, and respect for music started his son's music career at a very young age. He also learned music from his maternal grandfather. He began his tutelage at the age of 3. Sarwar has participated in various stage performances in his childhood. But, it was his debut in Dangal that brought him immense fame and recognition. Dangal is a movie which focuses on Geeta and Babita Phogat's journey to become world recognized wrestlers. Sarwar's famous song, "bapu sehat ke liye tu to hanikarak hai" is written by Amitabh Bhattacharya, and composed by Pritam Chakraborty. Sarwar Khan and Sartaj Khan gave their spellbinding voices to the song.

He was only 12 years old when he gave his intense voice to this very powerful song. Similar to any other boy of his age, Sarwar had dreams in his eyes, and his father's dedication towards him helped him accomplish his goals. He went to Bombay with his father at the age of 14 for the sole purpose of traveling, but he was not aware that fate had something else planned for him. In Bombay, his father convinced him to audition for the playback singer, and much to his father's expectations Sarwar recorded his first song at the Bombay Music Studio. The song was officially released on 12 November 2016 and became a blockbuster within a few days. After receiving great success, Sarwar became a household name.

His return to Rajasthan, his hometown, was celebrated with immeasurable pleasure. Sarwar further received various offers from Yash Raj Films to record songs for their upcoming films. He was also invited to a number of reality shows after his wonderful debut as a playback singer. Sarwar Khan got nominated at the Mirchi Music Award for the best male singer and rightfully won the reward. He was also felicitated at a program held in Kalakar Bhawan. Sarwar Khan and Sartaj Khan won the Upcoming Male Vocalist of the Year for their famous track. His momentous achievement as he told in an interview was the appreciation he received from his teachers, and friends at school. The very innocent Sarwar studies in a village school in Jaisalmer and has big dreams for his future. When asked about what he wants to do in his life, Sarwar proudly says that he desires to be the best singer of Bollywood.