Surendra Pal

Other names of Surendra Pal: Surendra Pal Singh


Birthday: 1953
Best known for his roles as Dronacharya in Mahabharat, Amatya Rakshas in Chanakya, Tamraj Kilvish in Shaktiman and Daksha in Devon Ke Dev - Mahadev. Surendra Pal was born in 1953, in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Surendra Pal belonged to a middle class background and had no idea that one day he will be known as one of the leading actor in the Indian TV Industry. His entrance in the industry was by chance, but after that he worked hard and established himself in the industry.

There is a long list of movies and TV series he has been a part of, he used to get so many offers that even after rejecting some, he doesn’t have spare time for himself in his calendar. Every year brought a number of new characters for him to play, either in Bollywood movies or TV serials. He has been a part of many projects, but one of his most popular roles on TV was that of Vikranta Jabbar, the role he played in the Ramsay Brothers produced horror TV serial Zee Horror Show's episode "Saya."

Even in real life, Surendra Pal is same as the roles he played in the TV shows mentioned above. He likes to read and has a huge collection of books at home, as for him reading is a habit from childhood days. He also likes to keep himself updated with national and international news.


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