Agha Shiraz

Other names of Agha Shiraz: Agha Sheraz
Birthday: 12-06
Star sign:

Agha Shiraz, born (June 12th) and brought up in Pakistan is a well-known model and actor who shot to fame in the 1990s. He debuted as an actor in the play ‘ Kashish’ (directed by Kazim Pasha) in 1997, which was broadcasted on PTV.

His other well-known works include ‘Direct Line’, ‘Black Mailer’, ‘Gardish’, ‘ Mausam’, ‘Mohabbat Ka Ik Peher’. He has also appeared in the family sitcom called ‘Bulbuley’, with Hina Dilpazeer, Mehmood Aslam, Aisha Omer and Nabeel, which became very popular as a comedy drama serial.

Agha has also acted in several advertisements, which made him a known name in the Pakistani showbiz industry. From the very beginning, he has been very passionate and hardworking, and his pleasant personality adds to his fame. He has been one of the finest comic actors of his time, and the fame he has received is well deserved.

His famous comic dramas include ‘Gullu Ustaad’ and ‘ Chandni’. Much like all other actors of today, Agha also has a social media fan page which has thousands of followers. Agha is married and was blessed with a boy in the year 2009. He is a dedicated husband and father and considers himself extremely blessed and lucky to have a happy and sorted life. He expresses his gratitude towards his fans for their unconditional love.

Although Agha is concentrating more on his family life, for now, he remains to be a very popular and appreciated star of the industry. In an interview, he was seen getting emotional. Not only does this prove that he is an emotional person, but also one with a beautiful heart. This certainly restores the love his fans had for the fine man and actor that Agha is.