Charitarth Unagar


Unagar is a man of Arts and Dreams. He is an Indian Television actor. He has appeared in episodes of Crime Patrol (TV series). He has a love for Camera and have auspicious skills in professional photography as well. He also has a good hand in sketching.

Currently, he is working as a model. Unagar went to SV High School. He had a keen interest in computers from early childhood. After completing tenth grade, he went to SSGV for further studies. After all the hard work he chose to study at Dharmsinh Desai University to pursue IT Engineering (completed in May 2014).

Currently, he is working as a developer in SoftSense Pvt Ltd. He lives with his family, and he has an elder brother Manthan who is an employee in an industry as Electrical Engineer. Being an important part of our youth in his twenties, he is very social, say from Twitter to Instagram, we are aware of his thoughts and actions. He also owes a YouTube channel. Living a passionate life he describes himself as a Dream Designer. ‘Charitarth’ means to satiate and to gratify. And being a fresher in the path of success, he is willing to achieve his aims and passions and reach the peak of glory with his artistic skills and work. Much inspiring for a person like him he adores being an Indian.

His young blood for passion speaks clearly about his dreams and ambitions in life. He says “Always believe in those things which are not visible”. He seems to be a believer. He is good to go much further in his life on the road of success and struggle as being a Taurus they usually are people with sharp business acumen and loyal, hard working men. Hence, he is the young promising actor of Indian Television and surely people would like to see him growing.



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