Deven Munjal is a Hindi TV actor. He hails form Punjab and has been in the industry for last three or four years only. He came to the limelight form the TV serial ' Ghar Ki Baat Hai' where he acted as the husband of Jayati Bhatia. The serial was the first production of Shahrukh Khan's Red Chillies' idiot Box. It was written by Kanika Dhawan and directed by Anant Mahadevan.

Ghar Ki Baat hai was a situational comedy serial with Deven acting as Bhupinder Ahluwalia. The character of his wife Dolly Ahluwalia was portrayed by Jayati Bhatia and his son Happy was played by Jay Thakkar. The other family in the serial was Yagnik family consisting of Rajdeep (played by Sumeet Raghavan) and Radhika by Juhi Babbar. The Punjabi family of Ahluwalias was depicted as a very colourful family and the lady of the family Jayati Bhatia was so gaudily costumed with matching costumes for her husband Deven with a special wig to match that Jayati was nick named as Rang Birangi on the sets. The storyline of the serial revolved round the lives of these two families and the comic situations arising out of their actions in daily life was the mainstay of the serial. Deven Munjal and Juhi Babbar weer nominated for best new talent category of Indian Telly Awards in 2009.

The serial was telecast on NDTV imagine during 2009 and was quite popular in those days. Deven Munjal was seen in some serials in small roles on the small screen after that.


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