Gaurav Ghatnekar is a new coming actor from television serials. He has been played a main, child and supporting characters. He had his place in television channels but efforting for movies. He has performed on Tuesday (2009), Ballad of Rustom (2016), Radio Nights 6.06, and Vazandaar: Biggie (2016). When he was working in Marathi Movie Tujhi Majhi Love Story, he fell in real love with his co-partner Shruti Marathe. She is also a well known actress. Their parents and friends then tied them in a knot of marriage on 5 December. Now they are a happy couple. Bollywood Heroes, Arjun Vs Destiny, Cycle Kick, HRX Heroes doesn’t grant him more fame but the character Krishna of Dharamkshetra stamped his resume. He is a fabulous actor and have faith in`` I am for acting and acting is for me.” Gaurav is basically from Mumbai, India. Still he is living in Mumbai.

He completed his schooling from Sharon English High School. He has been graduated from University of Mumbai and post-graduation from Whistling Woods International Institute (WWII) for Films, Media, Animation, and Media Arts. He has a related degree in acting and arts. His date of birth is 15 May. He is a smart bachelor actor. He is a knower of many languages like Marathi, Bengali, Hindi, English and Urdu. The philosophy of his life is related to the Robert Frost’s famous poem `The Road Not Taken’. It is really very inspiring for the strugglers. He loves reading books, listening & singing music and watching TV programme in his spare time. His favorite books are The Odd Couple, Ceclia Ahern’s P.S. I Love You, Sun Tzu’s The Art of War and performance art The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial. His liking TV shows are Tuz Vin Sakya Re and How I met With Your Mother.

His role model is Nasiruddin Shah. He is an optimist person. Don’t believe in gym or exercises, only like to play squash. As Gaurav is playing leading role in Mahesh Kothare’s Marathi daily soap opera Tuz vin Sakya Re on Star Pravah with kadambari Kadam, we have already seen him in Shaurya on SONY Televisions. This is the story of two young personalities passionate about music and singing that makes them close towards each other. It is a story of village girl with city boy, and family drama. Some environmental features are also seems there. He has been worked in Marathi film Kaay Re Rascala with Priyanka Chopra. It is his superhit comedy film. Gaurav Ghatnekar has a high sense of humour, psychic intelligence, and God-believing person. Humanity grades the personality. In Tuesday and Vazandaar: Biggie, he is in a special appearance and in Rustom, in a supporting role. Everybody appreciates his entrance and may be it will make his future bright.