Karan Trivedi is an Indian theatre and television actor. He speaks Gujarati and Hindi fluently. Karan was born on 17 January 1984 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He has been dubbing for Indian and foreign cartoons for more than a decade. He is especially known for dubbing the role of Daniel Radcliff's Harry Potter in the famous Harry Potter series. He dubbed his voice from the second movie till the fifth movie. He obtained this role after his sister passed onto him.

This dubbing role of him is known as second and longest Hindi dubbing. Also, it is said that this is by far his best performance. After the fifth movie, Rajesh Kava gave his voice to the three films released in the Harry Potter series. He also gave voice to Troy Bolton of High School Musical film series.

Troy Bolton was played by Zac Efron. His other works include the famous movies like The Social Network where he dubbed the role of Edward Saverin, Inception, Fantastic Four, Vanilla Sky and The Green Hornet.