Mukesh Rawal

Other names of Mukesh Rawal: Mukesh Raval
Date of death: 16-11-2016

Serials & Shows

Mukesh Rawal is a veteran Indian actor who is popular for doing Gujarati films and television serials. He recently appeared in the Gujarati drama film, Sathiyo Chalyo Khodaldham. This is a tale about the family who has strong faith in Leuva Patel’s Hindu goddess, Khodiyar. The film is under the direction of Samir Jagot. Mukesh played the role of Karshanbhai Patel. He was also seen in the Gujarati suspense thriller television serial, Achanak along with Dilip Joshi. Mukesh also acted in the Gujarati show, Khel; a story about a brilliant actor who suddenly fall and faced a hard time alone. Until one day, he had a chance to regain everything, but he needs to play a dreadful game. This is under the direction of Kamlesh Mota.
Mukesh was part of the old Doordarshan’s epic serial, Ramayan in 1987. He bagged the role of Vibhishana. In 1991, he was roped in to do a role in the super hit Gujarati film, Parki Jani. He did a role in the 1992 Gujarati film, Sajan Ne Sathaware. In 1994, Mukesh appeared in the film, Zid and in 1996 he was seen in the Bollywood romance film, Majhdhaar along with Salman Khan, Rahul Roy and more. Both films were directed by Esmayeel Shroff. He also did the Gujarati Natak, Kapat opposite with Anjana Desai. This is a plot about the drunkard husband and his millionaire wife. He acted in the film Satta in year 2003. Then in 2005, he bagged a role in the popular Hindi film, Kasak which stars Lucky Ali and Meera. The film is produced and directed by Rajiv Babbar. Mukesh was also part of the thriller film, Kevda Na Dankh and Joint Family in 2005.
In 2006, Mukesh was starred in the comedy film, Golmaal under the direction of Hanif Mohammad. He also did the film, Adhi Akshar Prem Na in the same year and the Gujarati stage play, Ek Murakh Ne Evi Tev. In 2008, he was seen in the film, Brahmachari under the direction of Bimal Mangliya. Mukesh also acted in the Gujarati film, Hali Mali Ne Rahiye Sathe in 2009.
Aside from being a film and television actor, Mukesh was also known for his contributions in theatres and stage plays like Bol Baby Bol, Bindaas Bol which is directed by Falguni Rawal. The play aims to motivate the girls for best education and at the same time, it shows that girls have the same rights as the boys have. Mukesh also acted in the Gujarati super hit stage play, Ame Tane Ane Rataniyo; a story about the three prisoners who flee from jail and reached the house of Mr. Gandhi.
He is also part of the television series, Beend Banoongaa Ghodi Chadhunga on Imagine TV, where he essayed the role of Jai’s (played by Anuj Thakur) grandfather.


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