Birthday: 15-04-1975
Age: 44
Star sign: Taurus


Rajiv Laxman is known for his nasty image from the auditions of MTV Roadies, where he not only grilled the contestant, but sometimes made many cry. He has a feared screen presence, that also has an element of humor. 

Born on 15 April 1975 at Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh, Rajiv has a twin brother named Raghu Ram, who co- hosted the MTV Roadies since the year 2001. However, Raghu comes across as the angrier headed personality than Rajiv from their venture at MTV Roadies. Rajiv is also involved the Stunt program named Jaanbaaz.

The brothers started in their acting career with Farah Khan movie that starred the Khiladi fame actor Akshay Kumar named Tees Maar Khan. However, the movie tanked disastrously at the box office and there were few takers for the performance of Rajiv. The brothers are frequently in the nightlife circuit and are mostly in the news regularly. They recently starred in the television commercial made by Pepsi, that themed around the idea, “Crash the IPL,” which got the brothers much fame. Rajiv has a wife named Susan and son named Noah. He has maintained a presence on the blog circuit and writes heavily about things from his life.

Rajiv was in the news recently for Pole Dancing with Lilly Singh at the Hauz Khas Village. It was at the Moonshine Café Bar, when Anish Sood (Electronic Dance Musician) was playing house music at the Moon Shine Bar at the Delhi Party.