Rohan Pillai is the winner of MTV’s reality TV show “Chase the Monsoon”, which he participated in along with his girlfriend, Hifsa Sharma. Born on December 13, 1994, Rohan studied at the Armed Force Golden Jubilee Institute in New Delhi. He later earned his B. Com. Honors degree from St. Joseph’s degree and PG college in Hyderabad. His star sign is Sagittarius. Even though he has lived a nomadic life where he hardly stayed in a place for long, Pune still manages to be his hometown. His father’s name is Group Captain Satish Pillai. Anjali Pillai is his sister. He is extremely close to his mom, Rupa Pillai. He does not conform to any religion.

Before making it big on the TV screen, Rohan worked as a Talent acquisition consultant at The DE Shaw Group, but he left the job to pursue a more glamorous career. While he was studying, he even won the RSI May Prince Pageant. He was a participant in MTV Roadies season 4, where he met Hifsa and was eliminated due to his loyalty towards her over the loyalty to his gang. He is a multi-faceted performer and is an emcee, a biker, a rapper, a writer, a mountaineer, a fighter and an army brat. His friends and family lovingly call him Ron or Rony. Rohan got his big break in the MTV’s youth favorite hit reality TV show Roadies during the Pune audition.

His martial arts skills coupled with his charming personality and disarming smile made him the instant favorite in the show. His sweet voice convinced everyone that he had a burning passion for the show. He met Hifsa during the show and had an instant connection with her on the sets. It is one of those rare moments, when a TV shows bled into real life and lovers continued to maintain a loving relationship even off screen. Rohan enjoys traveling, which he usually credits to the fact that he has traveled all over India right from childhood. He also nurtures an intense passion for Bikes.

His other hobbies include Dancing, music, and writing. Nawazuddin Siddique is his favorite actor while Vidya Balan is the queen of his heart when it comes to actresses. His favorite movie is the revolutionary “ Rang De Basanti”. He runs a startup called Fluidonomics and is at the post of Lead (People functions). He attends various functions and gives guest lectures to promote the same. He has received a certificate in basic mountaineering from the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Uttarakhand.


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