Sanjay Chaudhary

Sanjay Chaudhary is a young, talented and popular TV actor who has made a name for himself for his exploits in the second season of the super-hit SAB TV show Lapataganj. In the show he plays the character of Chukundilal Mukundilal Gupta who is the 14 year old son of the main protagonists, Mukundilal Sughandhilal Gupta and Indumati Mukundilal Gupta. The first season featured another child actor as the character was much younger at that point of time. The second season named “Lapataganj – Ek Baar Phir” shows that Chukundilal has grown up and is now in his teens. The show went off air in the month of August 2014.

Portraying the role of Chukundilal has really opened the doors for young Sanjay Chaudhary and he has started to get several offers. He has bagged a role in the TV show “ Neeli Chatri Waale” which is broadcast on popular entertainment channel Zee TV. The serial commenced in August 2014 and is still being aired. It is the story of a common man, Bhagwan Das who is leading a troubled life when he encounters Shivaye, a human form of Hindu god Shiva. Shivaye is only visible to Bhagwan Das and helps him handle the issues in his life. Sanjay plays the character of Batuklal, the love interest of Bhagwan Das’ daughter Babli.

It may still be early days in his career, but Sanjay Chaudhary has already become popular. He will only get better with time and it will be interesting to see how things turn out for him in the future.


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