Aishwarya Durgal

Other names of Aishwarya Durgal: Aishwarya Duggal


Aishwarya Durgal is an Indian television actress, who is best known for her role in the much talked about Hindi television sitcom ‘Hum Paanch season 1’ (1995), which was aired on Zee TV. It is among the longest running television comedies, which was on air for almost a decade. It completed two successful seasons on the Zee network and was considered amongst the most entertaining series that the Indian television Industry has ever witnessed.

Aishwarya played the role of ‘Choti’, who was the youngest daughter of the ‘Mathur family’ and was a big gossip with extreme chattering tendencies. She has been hailed as an incarnation of the late actress ‘ Meena Kumari’ in the plot, who is immensely respected by the people of ‘Baliya’. She, along with other fellow actresses of the series had created a wonderful comedy, which is still fresh in the memories of the viewers. Aishwarya replaced Priyanka Mehra, who was the original choice for the role of ‘Choti’ & later she was replaced by Anna Khan in the series.

‘Hum Paanch’ was a major breakthrough for all associated actors and actresses. It turned out to be the launching pad for actresses such as Vidya Balan & Kavita Rathod. The same thing happened with Aishwarya, who witnessed a huge fan following of her own after this series. She was seen in multiple advertising assignments & campaigns. She is considered amongst some of the most talented actresses, who have an innate ability to perform some very difficult comic scenes, which has largely contributed to her career till now. She has been consistent with evolving herself as an actress and likes to face challenges in this arena. She has been choosy in the recent years, while selecting any new assignments. She wants to play some substantial roles, which could make her stand out from others.


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