Since the inception of Hum TV in the Pakistani TV industry, Moomal Shunaid became identical with her quality productions and the dramas. She is the daughter-in-law of the famous TV serials director Sultana Siddiqui. Moomal received a positive reception from the audience of Pakistani TV business; some have even complimented her work by saying that she has carried forward the legacy of Sultana Siddiqui with some elegance and commitment.

By the serials of Hum TV, Moomal has proved her ability as a director and also as a writer. She is an excellent scriptwriter, and it is noticeable from her drama shows such as ‘Saiqa’, ‘Tumharey Baad’, ‘ Pani Jaisa Pyar’, the show is currently aired on Hum TV, and Moomal has also written the script for Telefilm ‘Mere Sapnon Ki Rani’. The background of these shows makes Hum TV different from the rest of the Pakistani TV channels. Her shows ‘Saiqa’ and ‘Pani Jaisa Pyar’, have received good responses from the viewers. She is working as the Head of Scripts for Hum TV, and she has taken the role of producer while she was in command of the show ‘Meri Kahaniyan’.

A multi-talented woman, Moomal played an instrumental role in changing the background of Pakistani Television. Her play writes, have delivered a social message and taken the plight of the people of Pakistan into consideration in almost every drama of hers.


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