Preeti Gandwani is known for her character as Indu, the lead role that she plays in the show Dehleez, in the channel NDTV Imagine. In this show she plays the wife to husband, Arjun. She plays an ideal wife and explores the wishes and aspirations of a woman through her role of a wife.

She is also known for a significant role that she plays in the serial called Buddha. She plays the role of Mahaprajapati Gautami. Here she justifies her role by playing a sister and a queen. She is the younger sister to Mahadevi Mahamaya and the queen of Shuddhodhana. Mahadevi Mahamaya is the mother of Buddha, and Shuddhodhana is the father of Buddha. She earned recognition for her role as she explores her journey in this soap that describes the journey of Gautama Buddha, where she plays his aunt as well as his step mom. She helps him grow and engraves important teachings in his mind. She also happens to be her first Bhikkhuni. A Bhikkhuni is a female Buddhist monastic.

She has a great future in the television industry. Currently stays in Mumbai, working from Mumbai, and plans to work for movies too. She was at the peak of her fame when she reached her highest television celebrity ranking in August, 2009.


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